The brand

miners mate – the name of the brand,

stands for the region from which it comes – the Ruhr. But more than that, it also stands for the values that are associated not only with the Ruhr area but also with coal mining: dependability and reliability.

my mate – the name of its first collection,

which was launched in autumn 2018, reimagines the traditional milieu of the miner‘s mate in today‘s modern world: my mate – a collection of reliable partners for him and her.

New in 2020:

This year, the „my mate“ collection is enhanced by five new items: Along with three unisex jacket models, the existing collection is also rounded off by jogging pants for both women and men.

The collection

of the miners mate brand, features 21 outerwear garments – with eight articles for men and seven for women, as well as one long-sleeved unisex item in muted colours – from black and white to grey and on to olive, navy and burgundy.

Many of the items

are available in a modern two-tone look. The Heather colour variants are just one more factor that gives the collection – which consists of (zip) hoodies, crew neck sweat shirts, polo shirts, T-shirts and tank tops – its casual flavour.

miners mate is made for everyone who attaches importance to fashion and style!